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Founded in Australia in 1996, Aussie Pet Mobile established its global headquarters in the United States in 1999 and has grown to become the number one brand in mobile pet grooming worldwide. Our commitment to quality care, convenience and loving attention to pets of all shapes and sizes has enabled us to expand rapidly across the United States where more than 70 franchisees serve some of the 46 million households that own dogs and 38 million households that have a cat. Internationally we operate in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Greece and Cyprus.

About Aussie Pet Mobile In Central Florida

Aussie Pet Mobile has been operating in the Central Florida area for 7 years. We could not have done this without you, our client families, and we'd like to thank you for your support and confidence. It is a privilege to be permitted to care for your fur-child.

Our mission is simple we take care of family members.

Here at Aussie Pet Mobile of SE Orlando, we strive to ensure that the right groomer is matched to your type of pet. We have groomers that are especially skillful with cats or particular breeds of dogs. We even have groomers that are skilled in treating severely matted pets. In addition, most of our groomers have been with us for over 4 years and we are very proud of this. Employee retention is vital to client retention and satisfaction. Our groomers undergo full background checks every year. All groomers are full employees complete with benefits and performance bonuses.

We routinely bring in additional training resources so our groomers not only continue to improve their grooming skills, they also develop skills in pet behavior but also client relationship building.We strive to make sure our groomers have enough travel time between appointments and we do not limit areas to specific days.

Dispatchers are on hand 7 days a week and we return phone messages within an hour or at the beginning of the next day. Voice greetings will always inform you as to when your call will be returned in case we must be away from the phones or it is after hours. Scheduling is done through a cloud-based client management system which is accessed by all associates. Clients have their own record complete with a full history of appointments, specifics of grooms, preferences, past groom times based on the van tracking, preferred days/times and specificpet data. Appointment confirmations are done 2 days in advance by phone and we have an electronic process to manage standby requests. All vans host a tracking system and our dispatchers know where the vans are at any given moment.

Grooming vans are complicated vehicles. There's a lot of delicate equipment on board and the constant presence of hair and water can cause equipment glitches. At our van facility, we have a full stock of spare parts and equipment. We have our own mechanic who will stay until the wee hours of the night to replace or repair equipment and to perform most general maintenance on the van itself. If any van has an operational issue during the day, we can even move the groomer to a spare van that is always on hand and let him/her continue her day as uninterrupted as possible. We have done everything possible to attempt to eliminate situations where an entire day of appointments has to be cancelled out.

Our business is fully insured for professional liability, property damage and worker injury. This is for both our associates' and clients' protection. And while groomers in Florida do not require a special certification, our Aussie does employ an Aussie trainer who is approved to train other groomers. She makes sure groomer skills continue to improve.

And is there a downside to all this? Sort of. It does mean that our vans are often fully booked from 4-12 days out during some months of the year.

Good news is that a 6th van is now on its way so that capacity can be expanded to fill increasing demand. And it does mean we are more expensive.

The good news on that is. Rest assured there has been considerable investment in this operation in order to raise the level of reliability, continuity and internal communications.

We have done as much as possible to give our groomers all the resources and tools they need to perform at their best.

Our Groomers


This is Michelle. She grew up in Oviedo. Her family had a largeassortment of animals when she was a child: from the typical domestic pets such asdog(s), cat(s) and snakes(s)to farm animals such as duck(s) andchickens(s)as well as an Iguana and a turkeynamed Tom, who ironically turned out to be a female. When Michelle was young she believed that she was going to be either a veterinarian or a writer, she still enjoys writing in her free time. Before becoming a groomer Michelle worked for a camera shop. Michelle attended a grooming school in 2008. She decided to become a groomer when she sat in on a grooming class that was offered at her college. Since then Michelle completed her grooming studies and has been grooming for five years. Her favorite part of the day is when a groom is complete and the pet looks happy to have been spruced up along with owner's satisfaction. As a result of Michelle's grooming abilities she is sometimes called Edward Scissorhands because scissoring seems to come very natural to her. One of the funniest things that Michelle has experienced on a groom is that one of her regular clients (a dog) runs and hides from her every time she comes, when Michelle finally catches her and picks her up the dog will always poo and it will always land in Michelle's front pocket, what are the odds.


This is Kitty. Kitty knew from a very young age that she wanted to pursue a career with animals. If she sees an animal on the side of the highway during evening traffic she would stop to help it. Kitty has been a groomer for the past four years; she attended a local grooming school in 2010. Kitty decided to be a groomer when she was studying to be a veterinarian assistant and was asked if she was comfortable putting a dog down, she was not. Kitty's favorite part of the day when she is grooming is the haircutting process. She loves the challenge of breed clips and figuring out new and creative ways to groom an animal. One of the funniest things that Kitty has experienced on a groom is when she grooms one of her regulars, a golden retriever, he walks halfway to the van and then drops to the ground and acts like he is dead. Kitty also has a dog that enjoys the groom so much that she ends up falling asleep during the groom. A tip Kitty would give to pet owners would be to do research on what type of pet they want to get, make sure pet owners fully understand the costs of the pet.


This is Bryan. He has been grooming since 2012. Bryan started his first job at the age of sixteen and stayed with that company for eight-teen years working his way through all of the operational positions. Bryan is from Baltimore, he grew up in the city but prefers the country. When he was little Bryan would often go fishing and hunting. When he was little Bryan thought that he was going to be a chef when he was older. Bryan's father took in lots of rescue dogs when he was little so Bryan grew up with all sorts of dogs around him. A tip Bryan would give to pet owners would be to make sure their pets get brushed as often as possible to help prevent future health issues for their pets. In his spare time Bryan and his family enjoy spending time together either out at the beach or different natural parks. Their favorite family tradition is to watch horror movies together.


This is Amber. Deciding to become a groomer was an uncomplicated decision. Amber has always had cats in her life and she would do the grooming herself. If she could Amber would want to be able to communicate with cats, she already talks to them so it would be nice to carry on a conversation. Amber has been grooming cats since 2008 but she's been with us formally grooming cats since 2010. When she was little Amber thought she was either going to be a flight attendant or a professional ballerina, she started dancing at the age of twelve. A tip Amber would give to pet owners would be to make sure grooms are booked often so their family member can stay clean and healthy. In Amber's spare time she enjoys doing yoga in addition to watching horror movies, her favorite horror movie is The Walking Dead. Amber's favorite part of the day when grooming is at the end of each groom, when the pet and owner are happy with her work.


This is Thor. Thor is one of the youngest groomers in our Aussie family. Thor has been working in the vans and getting hands on training with Jennifer since 2008 and grooming on his own since 2012, he's had the most intensive one on one training program ever. Thor believes key responsibilities of a groomer is to have a keen eye, be patient and know how to respectably interact with owners and their pets. Thor's favorite kind of animal are dogs, if he could he would want to be able to communicate with them, it would make the task of grooming much more easier. A tip Thor would give pet owners would be to care for their pets, if the pet has long hair set aside time to brush their pet daily.


This is Jennifer. Originally Jennifer is from Illinois, when she first moved to the Orlando area she worked at Sea World as a summer camp counselor. When Jennifer goes back home she helps her parents take care of severely disabled foster children. Jennifer has been a groomer since 2008. Before becoming a groomer when Jennifer was little she thought she was going to be a teacher when she grew up. Growing up Jennifer had an array of pets, for her sixteenth birthday Jennifer received a llama, she once had a pot-bellied pig that was trained to use a litter box in addition to even being able to play fetch. Jennifer decided to become a groomer because she really likes animals. Her favorite animal is a tiger; if she could speak to tigers she would want them to let her pet them, she once had a chance to pet a lion. A tip Jennifer would give to owners would be to get your pet groomed as much as possible to keep your pet fresh and not matted. Jennifer's favorite part of the day is returning the dog back to its owner and both pet and owner are happy.


This is Shannon. She grew up in New Hampshire. She moved to Florida seven years ago for a fresh, new experience and to go to school. She had many different pets growing up like birds, iguanas and geckos, fish, hamsters, gerbils, bunnies, cats and a fostered dog. Her sister and her always tried taking home strays or injured wildlife to nurse them back to health; even though their mom said many times, "no more!" She had a soft spot for animals too, so they would help them get better before releasing them back or finding new homes. Shannon always wanted to work with animals, so when a grooming opportunity came up she was quick to jump at it. Her advice to all owners and soon to be owners is how imperative it is to understand and follow through with the needs of your pet. Both you and your pet will be happier, healthier and less stressed when they are taken care of. Also, every pet is different and has different needs, choose the best one to fit your lifestyle. Her favorite part of the day grooming is when she finished the groom and sees the happy, excited look on the owners face, and how good the pet feels when it's done. If she could be any animal she would be a Griffin. She's always been in tuned with cats and often wishes she could fly, so it's the best of both worlds. In her free time, Shannon enjoys drawing, gaming, tv, and spending time with her loved ones, pets and friends. If she could do anything with her life she would travel the world, exploring everything from the most famous destinations to the most unique and exotic locations, She has loved adventure since she was young. She would like to do wildlife rescue in other parts of the world as well, and create a business designing artwork and accessory graphics, with some designs promoting the rescue of animals.


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